Especially for those clients who grew up on film cameras and love the “warm tube effect” (as fans of vinyl records) – offer services of shooting with a film camera.

For those who have not tried to take pictures with a film camera, I suggest to get acquainted with the differences of digital and film images. I will not complicate, describing all the advantages and disadvantages for the photographer, will just describe visible for the client differences.

Cameras used for test: Nikon D800 and film Nikon F100 (both with lens Nikon 50mm f/1.4).

The advantages of the film camera:

  • Contrast and complex lightened scenes are much better in the negative photos
  • The grain gives the photos a special charm, unlike the digital “noise”
  • Shoot is inspired, you can’t view photos while shooting and nothing distracts the photographer (for example: complaints of the model that her legs look crooked in this photo).

Disadvantages of film camera:

  • A small loss of quality of images when transferring the image on digital media.
  • Significantly fewer shots, because of 1 film only consist of 36 shots.

The advantages of digital cameras:

  • Possibility to view the photos while shooting
  • Thanks to a special RAW format, such images are easily edited and are well suited for further retouching.

Disadvantages of digital cameras:

  • Once your computer is damaged, you can lose the entire photo archive for several years
  • If the photographer uses a budget camera, the photo quality will be noticeably worse.

Tip: if you want to order a product or wedding shooting and don’t know what kind of it to choose – film or digital – it is better to order a digital shooting. The film one is more suitable for shooting a love story, babies (let your kids be special, give them baby picture made with a film camera, while this era is not gone) and family photos.

Ultimately, you decide, but I recommend to try a film camera shooting at least once.